Practical Employee
HealthCare Programs
Developing new technologies is paramount in addressing the specific needs of our customers.

HealthAlytics™ and Lifescale® are proprietary technologies developed by us to meet the needs of Preventative-Health and Wellness programs.
Our products are designed, manufactured, and calibrated at our offices in the Canada and the United States. Manufacturing and circuit assembly is achieved at certified ISO-9000 facilities in the United States.

Software services
Our devices use GSM wireless services or standard telephone lines to transmit data to our central system. Data transmission is encrypted using HIPPA-compliant AES encryption.

The company uses a secure and stable UNIX operating system for its server machines. On top of the operating system is a fully Relational Database Management System ("RDBMS") that has also been designed and tested based upon proven systems. The RDBMS is fully redundant, secure, scalable and has its data backed up on a regular basis. Access to the database is provided through a web-based front end. Industry standard Secure Sockets Layer ("SSL") encryption technology is used for access to this web based service

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