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Lifescale® is a preventive Health Care service for employees.

As an employer you benefit from a more health aware and engaged workforce, an in-depth understanding of evolving internal health trends, and the opportunity to directly impact rising health care costs.

Lifescale® Weight, Lifescale® BP
The Lifescale® service consists of convenient Diagnostics Devices that employees may use themselves, Weekly Emailed Reports, an Incentives Program, and an online Health Records portal. (view video). The Lifescale-Weight device measures weight, body-fat and body mass index in about 45 seconds. The Lifescale-BP device measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and heart rate in about one minute.

Most employers who have deployed Lifescale® experience employee participation rates of 33% to 50% of their workforce, these rates are guaranteed by our demand based billing model.

Lifescale is based on two, proven, core principals: 1) regular self-monitoring leads to a healthier employee/patient and 2) personal incentives result in positive progress. The weekly reports and online portal also feature a Health News section, Weight Loss competition tools for employees, and other social media tools.

Lifescale® & Weight Diagram


Lifescale® Reports
(Real-time Online Reports)
The system provides detailed high-level data for participation and for the number of people classified into normal, overweight and obese BMI categories. Progress reports for total weight loss and historical analysis of changes in normal, overweight and obese categories are also provided. All reports can be further analyzed by demographic criteria. Personal data is never shared with the employer. High-level data is useful as an internal company-wide measure of health and fitness, and trends may be compared to company health-care expenditures over time. This data is available instantly online in the form of graphs and charts and may be imported into programs such as Excel, Word, SAS or other database systems.

Employee Reports

Corporate Reports Diagram

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