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HealthAlytics™ may be best described as an Operating System for Preventive-Health and Wellness Programs.

Modules are offered individually to help companies add new capabilities and fill gaps in tracking, reporting, incentives and internal communication of existing Wellness initiatives.
HealthAlytics™ DataHub
Data Aggregation & ROI reporting
HealthAlytics™Datahub was created especially for Corporate HR and Wellness executives who manage complex company-wide programs. The system helps organizations i) make sense of how current wellness dollars are spent, ii) precisely track employee participation, and iii) measure Results. The system is very simple in concept: a barcode sticker(can be attached to building-access cards, hard-hats, etc.) is issued to each employee. This ID is then used by employees to "scan-in" to their existing gym or wellness program (video of scan-in), on-site Nurses can use the barcode to access a more in-depth system in person (video of web-based system), and Employees may also self-monitor their weight and blood pressure in exchange for rewards using our Lifescale devices (video of Lifescale devices). In addition, Datahub can import legacy data from Microsoft Excell, Oracle, SAP and other vendors, for comparing to future results. Any data you may have collected in the past becomes a useful benchmark. Once Datahub is launched, all your employees will have the option to securely access their individual profiles online, the company will only have access to detailed non-identifying aggregate data (see example reports).
HealthAlytics in Practice

HealthAlytics™ Incentives Manager
(Planning, Reporting, Points Calculations, Mailing)
Often companies offering wellness programs choose to also offer a related incentives program. HealthAlytics™ Incentive Manager is designed to simplify and truly automate Wellness incentives programs. Employees are automatically assigned points for both participation in various programs (such as Lifescale, Gym visits etc.) and positive progress (such as weight loss), sent email/text-message notifications, and physically mailed (USPS or CanadaPost) rewards (video of rewards program). Optionally, imported or manually entered data may also be used in assigning of points. Each employee will have access to a detailed history of how their "Health Points" were eared in their online account or by calling our customer service. We will mail any reward card or gift certificate of your choosing as long as it fits in a standard-sized envelope, and can be purchased in volume. Our customer service will handle, via email or telephone, any inquiries regarding the rewards program, offloading any internal resources that would otherwise be needed to manage such program.

HealthAlytics™ Communicator
(Email Lists, Employee Surveys, Reporting)
HealthAlytics™ Communicator is a simple tool for communicating and surveying employees. This module may be used to create and manage i)Wellness Newsletters, ii)anonymous Employee Surveys and iii)record Employee Feedback. All data is stored in the HealthAlytics™ Datahub system and detailed analytical or comparative reports may be generated.

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